Last week was the start of a new experiment. The challenge was pretty straightforward: take one step towards a big goal or big dream that you’ve been putting off.

My follow-up question is pretty straightforward as well…

Did you do it?!

Seventeen people accepted the challenge and I want to hear from each of you. Maybe all of you took that first step (which would be awesome)… or maybe some of you got distracted or discouraged along the way.

Whatever the case I want to hear about it. I want to understand what you learned about yourself in the process and/or celebrate in a successful first step.

Sooooo…. what happened?


27 Responses to Your Very First Step

  1. Kat says:

    I did it! Sort of… At least, I made a start. I made a big scary spreadsheet with all my various incomes and outgoings on and worked out what I could afford to spend. And then I hit another stumbling block in that everywhere that's advertised at the moments is available now and I won't be in a position to move for a good two months. But, in the meantime, I've made a promise to myself to live as economically as possible and save up so that when I do eventually make the move, I'm in the best position I can be.

    Thank you for giving me a very motivating push in the right direction.

    • Josh Lind says:

      A plan is a plan, and it's great that you did it! Good job!
      Remember, things always work out – one way or another – so keep on doing what your doing!

  2. Bob says:

    well, I spent some time talking to my wife about needing to make music, and she was gracious and said "let's make a specific time, that you set aside for music and don't feel bad about doing it "(as in NOT helping with the children for that time) So, I took a little time over the weekend and tried to play.. honestly, I felt awful about it.. nothing productive came out, I felt rushed and frustrated. That feeling of frustration stuck with me all day Saturday and put me in a funk. I started realizing that, since I'd never been forced to try making music alone, I had no idea what my "sound" was.. I didn't know what I was looking for, what I was supposed to sound like. So, that adds a whole new dimension to this exploration.
    So, I was wrestling with that and trying to figure out a time this week to dedicate to music. Then last night, I went down to put some laundry in, and just reached over to the piano and played a little phrase off the top of my head.. and smiled.. From one simple phrase, I heard the whole song in my head. I could hear the parts and the builds. I recorded it on my phone quickly and went back to helping with the kids.. but that phrase was in my head and I was a able to work on it mentally and experiment with it in my head while doing other stuff..
    So, I still need to really write it, but I've got a start, and I recognized the sound, as me.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants Josh :)

  3. Ryan Terry says:

    Eating healthy for a week. Did I do it? Waaa waaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. A birthday party for my girlfriend and an engagement party for my friends ended in me inhaling lots of insanely good cupcakes.

    My self-control with food is a doozy. I'm VERY good at convincing myself it's fine to eat 3 cupcakes in a sitting.

    • Josh Lind says:

      haha… sounds like it's time for a smaller goal. Maybe there's a more focused, and more achievable goal that you can really take action on the next time around? … baby steps in the right direction…

  4. Dave says:

    I did it! I accomplished one tiny goal by thumbnailing the first page of my first story. And I'm happy with it. Now I just need to do the other 150+ pages. It will likely be a struggle for me to maintain momentum, but I found drawing that first bit to be tremendously encouraging and exciting. My wife was very proud of me, which of course made me feel like a million bucks. I learned to trust my artistic instincts, and I learned that my wife is an invaluable means of support, encouragement, and help as she challenged me to think about and perfect the story. Pray for me as I continue to do it.

    • Josh Lind says:

      Dave. I'm so proud of you man. I'm sure you're aware, but part of this challenge was a result of our previous conversation. I'm so happy you took your first step, and I can't wait to see what you're working on. That being said, when can we see what you're working on?? :)

  5. Dawn says:

    I started my step and made great progress. I have the door open to my office closet so I can be reminded how great it looks :-) Then I decided that I had a larger project to complete – I was one of the project managers for a painting project at our church. In one week, we formed a team to complete the entire project, with new curtains, blinds coming… It was great. I love to move fast and I love to have several things going at one time. I enjoyed reading everyone else's success stories. Let's do this again!

    • Josh Lind says:

      Clean closets are indeed very desirable. Decide on your new system, and just finish it up fast.

      A friend once told me that painters and demolition men have some of the highest rates of job satisfaction because they can quickly see the results of their hard work. I'm sure the newly painted space is delightful… and I have no doubt that the process was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved. Great job on all the progress!!

      (We'll definitely do a similar challenge again sometime!)

  6. Amy Lind says:

    You may have wondered why I posted tackling "thank you" notes as my big goal/dream. The truth is, I'm incredibly blessed to already be living out my big dream. The funny thing is, I have too much ambition and focus towards that big dream that I don't leave much free time to do other seemingly less important things, forcing them to the back burner. One of those things being thank you notes. : ) I've recently admitted that I need to re-structure how I budget my time and attempt to fully invest in every avenue of my life, both professional and personal.

    I'm pleased to say that I accomplished my first step of writing one thank you note this week. Although I have to admit that if the writer of this blog was not my husband constantly asking if I did it, I probably would've forgotten. I look forward to having a reminder to do these things that mean a lot to me that I often let fall by the wayside.

    • Josh Lind says:

      haha… you know you just didn't read carefully. Although you are always mentioning the desire to write those thank you cards, so I'm glad you finally did it. I believe you said you were planning to do 2 thank you cards this week, no? :)

  7. shannon says:

    I failed. BIG TIME.

  8. Dawn Lind says:

    As a coach and workshop leader with my husband, we coach married couples, parents and families. A portion of that dream is to coach military men and women to ease back into family life after returning home from serving our country. So today I happened to walk into a class for the first time to watch my little grandchildren do gymnastics. After the class was finished, I met the instructor and mentioned that she did a good job with the kids. She asked what I do… One thing led to another… and 5 minutes later she's offering me the use of a large room in her building at NO COST to teach workshops for the military families. Hmmmmm…. Interesting! Now we just need to locate the military families who want to be coached.

  9. Bob says:

    yeah , I was gonna ask Josh too? What's the word dude?

    • Josh Lind says:

      Amy and I did our budget the very next day after the post, on Tuesday. It's a work in progress but it felt so good to finally do it. Our Dave Ramsey DVDs arrived in the mail, so that will be our next move to help fine-tune our game plan.

      Also we've kind of catapulted ourselves into looking at houses since then, so we've taken a few more steps in that department really quickly. Super exciting stuff! But the block is now gone, and we're off and running.

  10. Well, I nearly did 2 photoshoots this week (which was beyond my first step of just emailing my contacts and trying to get some dates on the calendar)! However, at the last minute, people flaked and they didn't work out. But I have reached out to a couple of models, a makeup artist, and a wardrobe stylist, and we are still trying to nail down a couple of dates in May that work for all of us, and trying to conceptualize exactly what we are going to do. So yes! I did it! And got positive responses regarding wanting to work together and move forward with these goals! Sooo…I am in the process of working to step two–which is actually COMPLETING said shoots! Whoop!

    And I'm with the others—Josh, how did you do?

  11. Brad says:

    I bought a four pack of pocket journals to spread around various pockets so I'm never without one. Let the great experiment begin!

  12. Josh Lind says:

    YES! Your words and insights into leadership are inspiring Joe. I've subscribed to your blog now, so I'll be looking for regular updates :)

  13. Josh Lind says:

    Super happy for you Bert… will you show them on your website? Get 'em up there!

  14. GinnyC says:

    So, I realize I never posted my progress. The following week I went on a family walk, cooked a healthy recipe but did not make it to the gym. I did however go jogging and run a race. So, I am slowly moving forward one step at a time. Thanks for helping me start the change.

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